Zometool - Creator 3
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The Zometool Creator Kit is an advanced construction system which allows building in 62 directions in space, using the same proportions found in growing cells, crystals, and other natural forms. Inquisitive minds will marvel and discover mathematical connections between space and the natural world. Capturing beauty and mystery, the Zometool Creator Kit encourages exploration of complex mathematical concepts through manipulating 730 pieces (struts and nodes), building relationships in sp…

Creator 3 kit will painlessly help build strengths in number sense, geometry, symmetry and proportion, tessellations, fractals and pattern recognition, use it to explore structure in nature and the human built world, and for the academically inclined it will supplement projective geometry, trigonometry and algebra, topology, and much more. Zometool will help you form a new understanding of the coherent structure of space. Your mind will never be the same again!

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Zometool - Creator 3


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